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  • Agata Bromberek blogerka, autorka, Turcja, blogTur-tur Blog is the oldest, well known and trusted sourse of information about Turkey and life in Turkey in polish blogosphere. I started to write in 2005 and I have been writing ever since, publishing more than 600 articles.
  • In November 2016 I got awarded by the Immigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland, as „the best Blog of Polish Immigrant”.
  • I was choosen by the Embassy of Poland in Ankara as a member of Consultative Counsive of Polish living in Turkey.
  • I have a large group of engaged readers interested in travel and tourism. Beside life in Turkey I am writing about my other travels, too (Europe countries & Australia).
  • Over the years my blog became a valuable source of information for tourists travelling to Turkey. Also tour guides use informations from my blog in their work!
  • For 11 years of writing a blog my readers constantly increase, while my enthusiasm for blogging is still alive. I realize new projects, I have started making vlogs!
  • Independent work, professionalism and creativity is my everyday. I created a blog alone, ranging from technical site to content. That is why I am glad to be known as an expert in blogging, tourism and living in Turkey.

What can I do for you?

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  1. Advertise on my blog

    Sponsored articles, sponsorship, partnership, advertise your product. Statistics are at the bottom of the page. As a respect for my audience all my articles are all written by me.

  2. Articles, consultations, travel guides

    You can order an article, interview, documentary, a description for your travel catalogue.
    I published in NG Traveller, polish newspapers, interviews with me appeared in the polish press, blogs and web portals, radio and television, for example in Australian SBS Polish Radio, New York paper Nowy Dziennik. I co-created travel guide about Turkey (Pascal).
    I am a co-author and co-editor of the book „Turkey. Custom guide”.

  3. Photography

    Photography is my passion. Portraits, street photography, documenting the events and travels. I am a fan of natural photography. My goal is to capture the moment, I prefer often do not direct shots, trying to enjoy what life itself suggests.
    Order my natural photo shooting sessions or purchase my photos.
    [Portfolio and the offer].

  4. Travel agency, sightseeing, guiding

    I co-created licensed travel agency in Turkey. I sell hotels, guides, prepare the trips, etc. all over the country.
    I will lead a trip for you, your loved ones or customers.
    If you are visiting Alanya or the surrounding area and want to meet me, I encourage you to book a private tour or a join Turkish dinner, during which in a relaxed atmosphere we may talk about life in Turkey :)
    See what we do: Alanyaonlinetrips.com
    and here: Asiturizm.com
    Order a tour with me here

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  • Instagram 1100 followers

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